The choice of treatment of varicose veins of the legs depends on mfeetx reasons. It is important to know the form of the disease, stage of disease, whether there are trophic ulcers and what is the associated pathology. Only after consultation with an experienced doctor you can decide whether to resort to surgery or be content with conservative treatment methods.
Surgery consists in removing the veins. It lasts on average about two hours. Varicose veins affects the saphenous vein, through which flows only 10% is blood, so veins removal poses no danger to the body. Normal blood flow after the operation is saved because the connecting veins of the legs carry 90% of venous blood. They also take on the main burden of the circulation. On the legs after surgery, remain barely visible scars.
Today increasingly popular is the laser vein treatment. Modern devices are selective, they do not damage the surrounding tissue, affecting only the venous wall. Bruises are virtually eliminated, the procedure is painless, and the result is highly effective.
Varicose veins respond well to treatment with medicinal leeches. It is believed that particularly effective leeches act together with a drug that is commonly used for varicose veins. Leeches are delivering drugs into the bloodstream much faster, so the meds will be more effective and long-lasting.
To treat varicose veins folk remedies for a long time. A well-known property of apples to cleanse the blood, improve sleep and appetite. Prepare a tincture of Antonov apples. For this it is necessary to insist 3 apples in a liter of boiling water (about 4 hours). Apples in the infusion is necessary to break, stir, and then strain the solution. To drink infusion is necessary in the morning and evening of 50 g, with the addition of a spoon of honey.
Wearing compression underwear will maintain the vein in a normal condition, you should think about buying it.