Pulling up behind his head on the bar first engages the broadest, trapezoid and rhomboid muscles of the back and also biceps and triceps. Also in the process of exercises that work the abdominal muscles and other muscles of the arms and shoulder, brachioradialis, deltoid. The degree of stress on a particular muscle group depends on the width of grip, technique pull-UPS, the constructive features of the crossbar.
If you are new to the sport, you'll need time to master the correct techniques of performing pull-UPS behind your head. Strengthen your back and ligaments on the same simulator, using the traction head and applying metered load. So you will reduce the risk of various injuries to a minimum. Then proceed to performing pull-UPS behind your head.
If you are an athlete with experience, for a good leveling of the aforementioned muscles use extra weights. Quite common is the following method of working with weights: first on the belt hung a 2.5 kg, is a one approach. The following loop is performed for pull-UPS with 5 kg on the belt, then you mount the 7.5 kg, next 10 kg. at the peak of the pyramid, put on 2.5 kg in each approach. Pumping muscles of the back this scheme will take place for maximum benefit.
When performing pull-UPS behind your head, stick to the correct technique of making exercises. Thus, the chin should be pressed against your chest, keep back straight, legs slightly bend your knees, cross your feet, holding hands – as you need an average of 30 cm between your thumbs.
Vary the grip width from medium to wide. For pull-UPS wide grip, use a special – bent a wavy trajectory the bar or the bar with separate handles. Being engaged in these shells, you protect against injuries of the forearm and hands.
Note that the number of sets and reps may be different, depending on your training experience and the goals you want to achieve. On average, that's six approaches 10-10-8-8-6-6 repetitions, of course, warm up at the beginning.
For more efficiency from the exercise alternate pull-UPS behind your head with the rise of the body to the chin. It is important that the exercise was performed purely.
When performing pull-UPS behind your head, use a special leather sports gloves and wristbands, so you can protect muscles from injury and make the exercise more comfortable.
Go pulling the head in tandem with partner, he will help you overcome the dead point in the last approach, which is a very important stage in the most effectively address muscular system.