When on the bar you train the muscles of the chest, neck, arms, back, triceps and biceps. Please be patience and endurance.
Depending on the kind of the grip and distance between your hands you will achieve a variety of exercises that will be able to accomplish.
To pump up the chest muscles on the bar, take a starting position. Stand up straight. Keep your backs straight. Grab the bar with your palms, placing them on himself. Leave the hands at shoulder width. Do the exercise smoothly, without jerks. Maintain the same speed when lowering and raising the body. Perform 10-12 pull-UPS. Keep breathing: exhale while lowering and inhale while lifting. Do pullups with a minimum speed. Gradually increase the number of sets, doing 10-12 pull-UPS 3-4 times.
The following exercise will allow you to pump up the shoulders at the bar. Grip the bar narrow grip. Thus you will employ the wide toothed muscle. Hang on the bar, clasping the top of the bar. Between the hands, observe the minimum distance. Pull-up, caved in the back. Try to touch the lower chest part of the shell. Perform 10-15 pull-UPS.
For pumping biceps on the bar grasp the shell by a reverse grab. If possible, try to connect the edges of the palms together. Rotten back and hang on straight arms. Focusing on the mixing blades and the shoulders start to catch up. Try to touch the lower part of the pectoral muscles of the crossbar. Perform 10-12 pull-UPS 3-4 approach.
Exercise on pumping back follow, grasping the bar with a medium grip. Thus, you will additionally involves the biceps and flexors of the forearm. Hang on the bar, legs crossed and prognuv back. Try to touch the top of the chest of the crossbar, bringing the shoulder blades together. At the lowest point, fully straighten your arms. Perform 10-12 pull-UPS.