To improve egg production hens, it is necessary, first, to feed the birds uniformly, preferably at the same time. As overfeeding and underfeeding are equally bad impact on the quality and number of eggs.
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The morning feeding is best done immediately after waking up the chickens. In the winter, with reduced daylight hours, to increase the working day of poultry, feed start with additional lighting. The first feeding is recommended to start with the wet mash from the cooked potatoes or a variety of milled grain. Also suitable bran with the addition of crushed eggshells and kitchen waste.
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In the evening the chickens are fed an hour before they sit on the roosts. Especially this condition is necessary for the chickens breed Brahma. To calculate the hour of the last feeding should so that by that time they ate a posited norm. Also chickens you need to fill the grain, well, if every day will be different. For example, today – oats, tomorrow is wheat, and the day after – barley.
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The quality, quantity and value of future eggs depends largely on the quality of feed and its norms. Laying hens need to provide food, rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins. Only in this way you will be able to get the maximum number of eggs, because malnutrition not only reduces the egg production, but will significantly increase the amount of feed consumed. Feeding levels are made depending on actual and planned productivity of the birds. Moreover, it is important that the egg production rises well even without the use of chemicals.
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It is desirable to avoid degradation of egg food for your chickens to prepare in advance. The most popular method is progrevanie, as well as grinding and sprouting.
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Progrevanie is a process when the pounds of feed mixed with 30 grams of fresh yeast, dissolved in 1.5 liters of warm water. The resulting mass is mixed and left for 6-9 hours in a warm place, room temperature should be 20-25C. Finished feed laying hens are added to the mash at the rate of 20 grams per day per hen.
Usually germinated oats, barley and wheat. The process should occur in a room at a temperature of at least 20oC. Grain, on a day soaked in warm water and then spread in a thin layer on a tray. Three times a day it is mixed. On average the whole procedure takes three days. Prepared food is grain is considered the appearance of sprouts in half centimeters.