Advice 1: How to treat cough begins

A man who would not know what a coughdoes not exist, because it is a normal reaction to various irritants – dust, some foreign matter, diseases of the respiratory tract. Its cause can be cold, and Allergy symptoms, and problems with the heart or lungs as well as infection.
How to treat cough begins
Before starting treatment make sure your cough is a catarrhal character, and is not caused by some more serious reasons. If you are not sure - ask for help, it is much better to be safe than later to a whole heap of problems in the load.
If the cough just started and is accompanied by a tickle and a sore throat, a runny nose, that is the chance to quickly overcome the common cold, and cough, immediately take emergency measures: several times a day, rinse the nose with salt water and place anti-inflammatory drops. Gargle Furacilinum or soda solution with iodine and do that every hour. But can alternate these funds with infusions of chamomile, aloe Vera or sage. These herbs essential for its anti-inflammatory effects.
Dress warmly and ventilate the room, do wet cleaning themselves or someone ask. The air in the room should be clean and moist.
Starting a dry cough you need to do wet to easy to depart sputum. To do this, drink warm milk with butter and soda, thermopsis, licorice root or psyllium. Bedtime drink hot tea with honey or warm alkaline mineral water.
A very good tool when starting cough – warming. To do this, take a little bit of castor oil, mix it with alcohol and a good RUB into your skin and then wrap the place a warm scarf or a scarf.
RUB the palms of the hands and feet of garlic, put on wool socks and go to bed, under the covers. You can also before going to sleep soak your hands for 10 minutes in hot water, then RUB them with Apple cider vinegar. A good way to attach to the soles of the capsicum plaster or wear socks and covered them with dry mustard. Legs are also rubbed castor oil, or even kerosene! Ways – a great many, but the point is to create the limbs, and with them the whole body, dry heat. Sleep under a blanket and a good sweat can make the morning a miracle.
If cough and cold symptoms increased, without interrupting the treatment with home remedies, call a doctor, because it is important to prevent acute bronchitis or pneumonia. Maybe will have to drink more strong drugs. Do not "prescribe" them for themselves!

Advice 2 : How to treat dry heels

Excessively dry skin on the heels can be the cause of various diseases of internal organs. Therefore, if the skin on the soles of the feet soft and gentle suddenly became flaky and chapped, it's time to consult a doctor or dermatologist. Or at least to carry out a complex of measures for the rehabilitation yourself.
How to treat dry heels
You will need
  • products containing vitamins A and E
  • - vitamins "Aevit"
  • - herbs: sage, chamomile,
  • - nourishing cream
  • - moisturizing body butter
  • - gauze
  • - raw onion or potato
  • - vodka
  • - olive or flax oil
  • - oatmeal
  • - disposable overshoes
Include in your daily diet plenty of foods containing vitamins A and E. It's the carrots, green onions, milk, beef and chicken liver, cabbage. Drink a course of vitamins "Aevit", if you are pregnant or, take every morning and evening, one capsule of vitamin E, which can be bought in any drugstore without a prescription.
Asprivate heel in trays with healing teas, for example, succession, sage, or chamomile. Pharmacy herb brew according to the instructions on the package and keep your feet in hot water until, until it begins to cool. In the process of gently massaging the heel with a pumice stone, circular movements, gently removing the particles of dead skin. After dry your feet dry and apply on problem areas thick nourishing cream or moisturizing body oil.
Use folk remedies to treat dry skin on the heels. At night, tie to the feet of cabbage leaves or onions (as an option - raw potatoes), grated on a fine grater and wrapped in gauze. Try also to lubricate scaly areas of honey if not allergic. For Allergy sufferers a good substitute honey can be olive oil. And with the advent of the domestic counters avocado was available and the treatment with the inside of the skins of the fruit.
Do during the week compresses, applying to the feet with a piece of gauze, folded in several layers and soaked in vodka with vegetable oil (in the ratio 50: 50). To enhance the effect on the feet, wear cotton socks or disposable plastic bags. Instead of vodka you can use vaseline and even mayonnaise.
Try an inexpensive, original and effective recipe: oatmeal. Boil the oatmeal in water, add tablespoon of vegetable oil, preferably olive or flax. Apply the oatmeal on the foot thick layer from top to wear disposable Shoe covers and tightly tie them at the ankle with a drawstring. After two hours, remove Shoe covers, porridge, rinse, and lubricate the foot cream or oil.
If home treatments and pharmacy cream does not help, do consult your doctor, Podiatry, specialist in diseases of the feet, or a dermatologist (a specialist in any koronaroliticescoe clinic). Dry skin on the heels, with cracks and blisters can be a symptom of kidney disease, varicose veins, and diseases of the endocrine system, including diabetes.
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