Before starting treatment make sure your cough is a catarrhal character, and is not caused by some more serious reasons. If you are not sure - ask for help, it is much better to be safe than later to a whole heap of problems in the load.
If the cough just started and is accompanied by a tickle and a sore throat, a runny nose, that is the chance to quickly overcome the common cold, and cough, immediately take emergency measures: several times a day, rinse the nose with salt water and place anti-inflammatory drops. Gargle Furacilinum or soda solution with iodine and do that every hour. But can alternate these funds with infusions of chamomile, aloe Vera or sage. These herbs essential for its anti-inflammatory effects.
Dress warmly and ventilate the room, do wet cleaning themselves or someone ask. The air in the room should be clean and moist.
Starting a dry cough you need to do wet to easy to depart sputum. To do this, drink warm milk with butter and soda, thermopsis, licorice root or psyllium. Bedtime drink hot tea with honey or warm alkaline mineral water.
A very good tool when starting cough – warming. To do this, take a little bit of castor oil, mix it with alcohol and a good RUB into your skin and then wrap the place a warm scarf or a scarf.
RUB the palms of the hands and feet of garlic, put on wool socks and go to bed, under the covers. You can also before going to sleep soak your hands for 10 minutes in hot water, then RUB them with Apple cider vinegar. A good way to attach to the soles of the capsicum plaster or wear socks and covered them with dry mustard. Legs are also rubbed castor oil, or even kerosene! Ways – a great many, but the point is to create the limbs, and with them the whole body, dry heat. Sleep under a blanket and a good sweat can make the morning a miracle.
If cough and cold symptoms increased, without interrupting the treatment with home remedies, call a doctor, because it is important to prevent acute bronchitis or pneumonia. Maybe will have to drink more strong drugs. Do not "prescribe" them for themselves!