You will need
  • - warm alkaline and vitamin-fortified beverages;
  • is set to compress, mustard;
  • - sea salt, herb or essential oil of rosemary, sage, chamomile for inhalation
  • - syrup for cough "doctor mom", "Pertussin", "Travis", "Mucosolvan", "Bromhexine" .
During a cold due to inflammation of the Airways interfering with the natural hydration of the mucosa. As a result, it becomes dry, so the cough and causes pain. This process occurs within 2-4 days, until the formation of phlegm. But to accelerate the time and ease the suffering of the child, is better with the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease to conduct intensive treatment.
Treatment of cough in children has important differences from treatment in adults, because kids are harder to inhalation or drink healthy drinks. However, the diversity of procedures allows to achieve a positive result in the treatment of colds.
For treatment of dry cough in children, use warming up procedures, but provided that body temperature is not increased.
Because the child cannot be forced to inhale hot steam from the tea spout, hold the inhalation in another way. Will rascality in the pan with flaky sea salt. Add the pinch of rosemary, sage or chamomile or 1 drop of essential oil of any of these plants. When they begin to exude the fragrance, pour everything in a bowl and bring close to the child to inhale the aroma of medicinal plants. Repeat this process several times a day.
If the temperature is not increased, warms the chest of the baby compress and mustard. These procedures contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, improve blood supply, allowing the inflammatory process is faster. To compress, use the normal warm water. Wet in her cloth, slightly wrung out, attach it to the chest, cover it with oilcloth, wool, and wrap a woolen scarf. Leave overnight. To compress can use boiled mashed potatoes hot. Add a few drops of vegetable oil, wrap everything in a thick cloth and apply to chest and he was warm longer, cover it with foil. Mustard put throughout the day. To avoid skin irritation, apply them through the thin fabric. Even so they will show their beneficial properties.
For relieving cough let little and often warm drinks: warm milk with mineral water or a pinch of baking soda and honey, just warm mineral water. Let's also teas with lemon, more delicious sweet and sour fruit drinks and compotes.
During the treatment of dry cough in children all warming treatments need several times a day, and after they ensure that the baby was in bed. Follow the rules of care for patients: often ventilate the room, do it wet cleaning and maintain humidity hang wet diaper or put a jar of water. These measures are necessary for good ventilation of the lungs and facilitate breathing.
At night, when the cough becomes violent and paroxysmal, to suppress it can give the baby syrup, preferably of vegetable origin, for example, "doctor", and when the cough becomes wet - "Pertussin". "Travis", "Mucosolvan", "Bromhexine". They are more suitable for liquefaction and excretion of cough with sputum. The dosage of any of them depends on the age of the child, so before use, carefully read the user manual: review all contraindications and side effects. A large part of the on cough medicines are contraindicated for children under 2 years.