You will need
  • - clamshell;
  • - aluminum tube;
  • - fasteners;
  • - metal corners;
  • - hooks;
  • - mounting ring;
  • - waterproof fabric;
  • - nylon cord.
Take the cot, it is best to choose a model to its width and length correspond to the size of the boat. If necessary, you can increase the width and length of the frame, increasing their aluminum tubes of the corresponding diameter (it is convenient to use straight sections of the legs of the cot).
That the awning had not been saving water during rain and debris, leave one of the legs and fold up to the desired angle. To fix the angle is possible by means of metal angles and screws.
Connect the telescopic tube method. At both ends, make two 3-4 cm longitudinal cut One of the ends shrink and the other, on the contrary, extend — the result became a narrow tube will be included in broad, you get a simple and reliable connection.
Install the clamshell upside down, that is attached to the boat is that part which is in the middle of the bed. The lateral part of the lift as high as is required for a comfortable stay on the boat. To fix it, screw the stretch marks from durable nylon cord on all four sides.
For mounting the frame of an awning on a wooden boat will require metal corners and screws. One end of a stretching clamp on the tube, and to the other attach a hook he will catch hold of the ring on the boat. Due to the fact that the hooks can be easily disassembled and the United way of the telescopic pipe disconnect, such a frame is easily and quickly disassembled.
As a shelter, use any waterproof fabric, this can be a tarp, a raincoat-tent, plastic film or other material. It is most convenient to measure the frame, then sew cover and secure it with rubber bands in several places.
For full protection from the wind and rain make a solid tent, with side and rear curtains. If the link adjacent blinds-zip, crew boats and cargo will be almost completely safe. In Sunny weather it will be enough to put blinds on the roof or mounted on the sides.