You will need
  • - a sheet of paper
  • - pen or pencil
  • - Whatman
  • - scissors
  • magazines
  • - Internet access
  • printer
In order to change your life, you first need to understand what exactly the field you need a change. Sit down and analyze all areas of life: family, relationships with people, work, material wealth, their personal qualities. Take a sheet of paper and make a list of those areas, the changes which you need.
Next to each item write a clarifying comment. If you are not satisfied with the work comments not only indicate your goal is to change jobs, but also the desired position or area in which you want to realize themselves. If you want change in your personal life, feel free to describe what you waiting for changes: to meet the man of their dreams, get married, have a child or Vice versa to end a hopeless relationship that has lasted too long, etc.
Think of the question "What will change in my life, if these dreams will come true?" and write a detailed response to each item. This way you will be able to visually see how your life can change for the better, if you will overcome your fear to change something. Proper motivation is of great importance, because only she could push the man to action.
The right motivation will help to overcome fear
In order to change your mental attitude and to stop being afraid of change, create a collage of your dreams. Take graph paper or a large sheet of paper. Look in magazines or online images that illustrate your desires. If you want to lose weight, you can as an illustration of this dream to use a photo of a man with a figure that you like. To achieve happiness in your personal life, choose a picture with which you will associate this desire: it can be a photo of the happy couple or just a picture, a symbol of love and tenderness. Cut out pictures-wishes from magazines or print out found on the Internet pictures and paste them on the prepared flipchart. The collage hang in the most prominent place in the room, for example, over the bed. This will allow you not to forget about their desires.
Every day spend 10-15 minutes visualizing your desires. In a quiet environment, look at your collage and in paint imagine what your life will be, when it will welcome change. Visualization will allow you to minimize the fear to act, and after a few days you will feel that not only ceased to be afraid, but do you really want to have your wish soon came true. You can use visualization method "by contradiction": imagine what your life will be if you have not decide it to change something.
Positive thoughts help wishes to come true faster
Prepare yourself for the fact that all of these things can't happen at one time, since all changes occur gradually. Remember that even the smallest step will invariably bring you closer to the realization of the dream, so develop a strategy to achieve the goal and start to use it. If you want to lose weight, but still afraid to go on a diet or exercise, start small: replace one of the hearty meals on a more modest or useful, but instead of tiring themselves by long workouts in the gym, every day you complete the simple five-minute exercise. In a few weeks you will feel that all's not scary, and you're ready to complicate the program achieve its goals.
Please yourself with small gifts for each executed step. For example, you have decided and talked to my husband about what does not suit you in a relationship – as compensation to allow yourself to buy some new thing. You a week lasted on a diet – eat your favorite cake. Wrote the application on dismissal – treat yourself to an unscheduled meeting with friends.
Start your journey to achieve will help support. Talk with family or friends where you are sure, tell us about your goals and desires, and ask them mentally to help you. All people interested in the lives of their loved ones turned out well, and so they will help you to stop being afraid of change and begin the difficult path to achieving all his plans.