Try to understand that "black stripe" is a number of unsolved and unsolvable problems, which gradually became critical. Write down on paper all the problems, placing at the top of the list of the most relevant. Start to solve them according to the degree of descending importance.
Think of a few ways out of this situation. Let it be the most fantastic or the most banal. Do not limit your imagination, and she in return will allow you to come across an idea that could save you.
Try to laugh at what is happening. Take a look at the situation from the perspective of the observer, the person completely disinterested. You will surely find something amusing that happens to you, and longing, coupled with the hopelessness of retreat.
To solve their problems. Every day start with "eating frogs" – the execution priority and the most difficult, unpleasant task. Don't postpone anything indefinitely. Straightaway, you exhaust yourself by waiting, and who of your problems will remain stand still.
Get a habit to relax in the evenings, putting all the worries behind the door. Take a hot bath with lavender oil, drink tea, read an interesting book or find your own way to disconnect from the problems of the past day. But do not try to abuse alcohol and other poleznosti.
A person immersed in problems, usually becomes inattentive. Try to be more collected, not to succumb to the decadent moods and live for today. Daily make yourself a list of tasks for the day and strictly follow it, leaving little time for sadness and reflection about the impermanence of things.
Engaged in their health. Experiencing stress the body sluggish defending from any kind of infections. Your task is not to add to their problems and even some sore. Eat your vitamins, follow diet, avoid hypothermia and try to move more.
If you are on the verge of depression – go for a consultation with a therapist or psychologist. In extreme cases, keep the phone a good expert.
Try to help others. Translate old ladies across the street, to attach in good hands strays, fix stool neighbors. Caring for others, solving their problems helps to stop dramatizing the events of his life.
Often remind yourself that the black strip comes to an end, and that is darkest is just before dawn.