Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Write all the qualities you want to see in your ideal job. List all items - from the convenience of the location to the level of income (of course, taking into account your own skills and education). Now consider how many of these characteristics you have on the current work. So you can understand why even come to the idea of changing jobs.It is possible, the results will surprise you. For example, your dream job has been to be completely different, but at the present you keep a habit or a cohesive team. In any case, if you are thinking about changing jobs, you are internally ready for such a step.
Give yourself installation that won't quit current jobuntil you find a more profitable and promising in all respects place. But in parallel, start a new search. Make a resume that will reflect all your achievements to date.
Select those companies in which you would like to work. Examine their corporate website, read the reviews in the press and on discussion forums. Even if these companies do not need new employees, send your CV marked "personnel reserve". It is possible, you will be invited for an interview, and this step will be for you a kind of trigger from the outside.
Don't be afraid to radically change. If you work as an accountant, but always dreamed of being a florist, it is still he'll regret that in time did not dare to change. Do not be afraid that new choice will bring in less revenue. Yes, this is partly true, but only for the first time. Favorite work necessarily involves enthusiasm, inspiration and a lot of new ideas. If you choose a profession they like, sooner or later you will start to develop it and move forward.