You will need
  • Free time, secluded place, sheets of paper, pen or pencil
Tune in to the right choice.
Choose a time when you will not be disturbed. In a well-ventilated room conveniently sit on a chair, sofa or at the Desk. Focus on exciting situation, listen to yourself.
Formulate a problem on which to make the right choice. Write it on a sheet of paper at the top. Writing as called the situation for themselves. This can be a question: "should I change jobs?". Or the statement: "I want to live separately from parents."
Then add a few words clarifying the situation. For example, you need to make a choice until a certain date or to keep a small amount.
Below list all people that will impact your decision: you, your loved ones, colleagues, friends, neighbors, and so on.
Be "weights".
Divide a sheet of paper vertically in half. Left and right halves of label possible choices, for example, "old" and "new job" or "living with parents" and "living separately".
In each column respectively list the first positive and then negative aspects of the situation. Don't forget to note how a decision will affect your relationship with family and friends. Be sure to rate the degree of risk and the quantity and quality of potential losses.
The scales you completed. You probably think that you are ready to make the right choice. Take your time!
Talk to people you trust. Tell us about your doubts. Listen to their arguments. It is possible that a small detail will make you look at the problem. And, of course, necessary to discuss the expected steps with those whom the changes will affect in the first place. Your family and friends have a right to know what is going on and should be active part.
Don't torture yourself and others with unnecessary doubts. The choice is always the burden of responsibility. Wear it with pride. And remember, bold is available in the all the top!