You will need
  • - handle
  • paper
  • - turned off phone
  • - lack of Internet
Select a weekduring which no one and nothing will disturb you. Write down everything you would like to change. It often happens that what in itself want to change the people within them, not outside, because inside you the reasons that make you feel the way you feel.
Take a pen and paper. Plan each day and every hour that you spend alone with yourself. What you have always lacked, what you want to do? If you can't create it in the here and now, set aside a week of changes until the moment you will be able to clearly Express their wishes.
Every day of the week get up early, the best time is half seven in the morning. After lifting, drink a bit of liquid and proceed to morning exercises. Two or three times a day, including morning, you should do sports or exercise endurance.
The rest of the time devote to its development. Use the tasks on the development of logic and imagination. The time is not busy with exercises for the body, should develop thinking.
Eat in moderation and go to bed no later than eleven o'clock. It is most preferable to use a diet is not hard, but producing-discipline.