How to define your own priorities in life

Ask yourself what you really want in life? You can even write your wishes on a piece of paper, and then to perform them. Desires can be different, but one thing unites them – achieving their goals, you will feel truly happy.

The happiness is the main goal of any man – even if he is not aware of this report. Therefore, the priorities in life must take this into account. If what you're doing does not bring you to happiness in your life, you need to change something.

Mentioned point is very important. The road to happiness is arduous, and time not so much. Therefore, every step should lead towards your goal. Anything that pulls you away from your path, away from goal, should be discarded. Or, at least, sidelined.

The interests of other people

For many people the most important priorities in their life are happiness, health and well-being of loved ones. At least, many will say that they have all the case. However, this is a mistake. Yes, people should care for their parents, siblings, children. Must be willing, if necessary, to give them life. At the same time, you need to understand that even the people close to you can't, have no right to deprive you of your dreams – whatever it was.

A person can live for others – if that is his path, his choice. If it makes him happy. But if from a sense of duty, responsibility people deprive themselves of their dreams, this is wrong. People come to this world to be happy. To deprive yourself of happiness means to live your life in vain.

Therefore do not let anyone, including close to you, to manipulate you. You have your goals, your way. Help close ones, take care of them. But don't let them Rob you of your dreams.


Some people have a list of priorities is a lot of points. This is wrong – it is impossible to grasp the immensity. If you made this list, cross out all of it but the three main points. What items to write, you decide. But they should not be more than three. It is on these three priority order and give me your undivided attention.

Why only three points and not more? Because this is the reality – people can't effectively run more than three tasks at the same time. If there are more, the efficiency drops sharply, in the end, never manages to achieve a good result. So something has to give. Learn to swing the extra for the main.

Change of priorities

It is important to note that over time priorities may change. This is normal – people grow, change its values. At the same time, change of priorities, if it occurs, should be of an evolutionary nature, to meet the spiritual growth of a person. And very bad when people just rushing through life, not knowing what he really wants. In this case you need to return to the beginning and ask yourself: what do I need to be happy?

Never forget about happiness. You can buy a huge fortune, and still be deeply unhappy man. Money gives opportunities, but can't replace happiness. So consider them as a tool, nothing more. Do not pursue prestige, career, fashion – find your way. The one where you will feel elated, full of strength and energy. If you are happy to meet each new day, if you clearly see the goal and go for it, no matter what, so you set priorities and you are on the right track.