To solve the problem of the lack of communication can be very simple - just to get a job. You will daily together with other people in a team to solve various problems, to communicate, and hence can quickly get used to the new place. Besides interacting with the locals, you will be able to learn about the city a lot more helpful and interesting information than if you just read on the Internet. And of course we can not exclude the fact that at work you can find new friends.
Sign up for courses. It can be anything important to this occupation brings you pleasure. It could be foreign language lessons, singing, dancing and so on. In these courses, you can find new friends and acquaintances. Especially if you have common interests, you can easily find a lot of topics to chat.
No need to stay at home. You moved to another city where you have no friends so I just sit at home all day you will be the best solution. So be sure to go for a walk. And there's nothing wrong with that the first time you will do it alone. The nearest store is not a walk. Explore the city, visit famous places, learn better your new home.
If you did not get rid of feelings of loneliness, and you realize that you are depressed feel free to contact the psychologist. The specialist will find the root of your problem and will suggest the right way to solve it. Then your adaptation in a new city will go much faster and easier.