You will need
  • - flower seeds;
  • fertile light soil;
  • - shovel;
  • - water.
Elegant natural creation will transform the area into the Paradise. Decorate paths with containment instances. In the centre of the lawn, place tall flowers. The fence supports will curl climbing.
Plant in may kobey, the morning glory. The first plant will delight lavender flowers, like big bells. The second will allow you to enjoy the blossoming buds funnel shaped white, pink, crimson. These annuals climb to a height of 2-3 meters. They are beautifully decorated old wooden fence made of mesh netting. The seeds of these flowers soak for 4 hours in water and then planted in a permanent place on may 10-15. If you start freezing, put on shoots of the arc and throw of the night a thick film.
In the same way from a cold snap can save the zinnia. This medium height plant. Plant in may at the cottage flower seeds zinnias and you'll admire the lush buds from the second half of the summer until autumn frosts. The main thing – to plant the seeds in early may so they have time to grow and form a Bush with lots of buds.
Looks adorable lavantera. She has bright pink, white, crimson flowers are funnel-shaped form with openwork ends. From a single seed on the fertile ground and in a small partial shade will grow the whole Bush, which will bloom from July to October. All this time shows itself in all its glory and cosmos. Her small, full blossoms like colorful daisies.
Along the tracks amazing look low flowers such as marigolds. They are unpretentious. You can plant them back home in late March, seedlings and in mid-may planted on the site. Leave some space between plants 20-25 cm and put on two sides of the tracks. If you are not able to plant their seedlings in early spring, then drop the seeds into the ground in the garden may 5-10. These flowers grow quickly, and calendula. It is used not only to decorate the area, but also as a therapeutic agent. Plant a few seeds of marigold circle in the tree trunks of fruit trees and pests-insects, frightened by the odor, leave this place.
In may the plant is not only annual but also perennial flowers. Hurry up in the beginning of the month to post on a selected portion of a Lily. Small partial shade on fertile land their stems and flowers grow big. At the same time betray the land of roses, Phlox.
Fans of exotic can plant ornamental cabbage. Its lush beauty it will show in the early fall, respectivley like a real flower.