Rationalism and beauty

If you prefer perennials, and I doubt that you will be able to devote sufficient time to the embellishment, choose a Phlox, a host or Stachys, popularly known as "bear's ear" due to its fluffy pile. To curb very well fit a simple Daisy. Planted from December to March seedlings, they are able in the first year to delight gardeners with its bright blooms.

Phlox give great results with proper planting and additional protection in the form of winter shelter. In addition, plants are very diverse, due to breeding have more than 20 colors.

Perennial carnation prefers warm temperatures and is planted only in April-may. Gorgeous ornament will create a common garden strawberries, borage, parsley and sorrel, which, if good care will not only please the eye throughout the summer season, but will also give edible shoots and berries.

Like pleasant aromas? Pay attention to unpretentious Roman chamomile, thyme and the stone St John's wort. Not demanding and worthy of the attention of the Bulgarian mountain or a gerbil sown before winter, easily tolerate the lack of moisture and resistant to vtaplivaniem.

The space between the plates it is recommended to fill lawn grass saxifrage or Zelenchuk that can be purchased as seedlings or seeds. These plants not only will improve the appearance of your site, but also create a favorable atmosphere to combat troublesome weeds.


Cute repucci in June or July will give a pleasant variety even lazy gardeners with proper landing on the soft, humus-rich soil. Propagated Ajuga plugs and planted from may until September. If you have matured to dense flower borders, buy Phlox, which can be planted both in autumn and spring, bloodroot, peonies.

The outer edge of the tracks even in the garden are fittingly decorated with fine silver getting accustomed alyssium related to the category of spring and summer grasses, early in respect to the peduncle nibs or dwarf kinds of bells.

Classic pansies or marigolds, classified as annuals and planted in April-may in open ground or seedlings, will be a perfect decoration of garden and will please others until late fall.

Sun-loving geraniums will delight you right up to the Aug.

Nasturtium, verbena, thermophilic begonia, potted planting which able to prolong the life and bloom of this plant in the home, - all these simple, yet magnificent plant great addition garden landscape, created by skilful master.