If you have decided to seriously search for coins, you can not do without a good metal detector. There is a gradation of metal detectors at the entry-level model, middle class and professional. The initial model may detect Soviet 5 cents to approximately 18-20 cm of soil. Metal detectors the middle class will find 5 cents under 25 cm of soil. Professional models make it possible to find nickels at a depth of 30-35 cm

A good detector is one of the keys to successful search of coins. For example, a professional metal detector like FISHER F75, will make interesting discoveries even on the "broken" places – that is, where to you have already passed the other hunters. Of course, you can use other models, the choice is very large. Fans of electronics can see in the network diagram of the metal detector, "Terminator", featuring a very good performance, is simple to manufacture and set up.

The search technique

You should know that searches at random give bad results. A competent treasure hunter is also a collector of information. For example, find an old map of your area, find her village, which is now gone. You can then go back to where they were before, and search.

Fairly good option is to search in the fields. However, it requires observation. The best time to search for autumn, right after harvest. Fields are empty, it is possible to walk freely. Often enough in the fields you can find pieces of pottery – it is in these places and you want to search.

Very popular with hunters searching the old houses. First and foremost, you should check the attics, sometimes they manage to find the real treasures of silver and gold coins, jewelry. A lot of coins to find under the stripped floors and under the boards window sills.

A promising place to look are local lonely standing old trees, rocky ledges, hills, and other well-marked landmarks. Imagine that you are hiding a treasure – where would you hid it? It is in these places and perform a search. A large number of coins can be found on the shores of seas, on the beaches. But basically it is a Soviet coin, does not represent great value.

Search without a metal detector

To make good finds without the detector very difficult, but possible. For example, you can look for coins on the sea shore in those places where before there were settlements. Waves gradually eroding banks, small metal objects congregate in certain places, usually in small creeks. A metal detector in a place like this will not help, as can not properly build up a large number of small metal junk. The search technique is simple – a knife blade will need to gently rake the downed waves along the rocks, metal debris, etc. Among this garbage and manages to make very interesting discoveries.

In old houses slated for demolition, you should check out the boards window sills under them often rolled coins. You can walk on the sandy shore of the sea in those places, where once was the village after the storm, you can find coins in the sand. However, when looking without a metal detector interesting findings are the exception rather than the rule.