If you want to determine the value of any old coins in the first place, carefully review the most famous coin-operated catalogs. In them you will find information on prices of different varieties of coins, their degree of preservation and rarity. Keep in mind that the better the safety of a particular instance, the higher the cost. The most popular directories that contain information about Russian coins, are Uzdennikov directory and catalog Krause.
The lack of evaluation of the coins using coin catalogs is that to identify with them can only be the total value of coins, not taking into account its real safety, and hence the real price.
The real price of a coin means its true market value. And she, as a rule, differs significantly from the value specified in the catalog. The actual market price depends on many factors, for example, the real value of precious metals, the quality of a particular coin demand in this instance. In order to most accurately determine the coin price, you will need to know the price exactly the same, but already sold.
The number of coins available for collectors, and their circulation depends on the rarity of these coins. A high price on those instances that are released in limited editions.
To determine the price of coins, you can contact the representatives of mints, merchants, and specific collectors or organizations involved in the assessment of coins, as well as taking part in various auctions.
Recourse to the specialist, keep in mind that even the most experienced collector can be wrong in the assessment of a particular coin. So if you do not have sufficient experience in the field of numismatics, be sure to pay attention to the instances, the price of which, according to experts, is not too high.