Advice 1: How to remove the creases under the arms

The folds in the armpit can spoil the mood and to provide the woman a complex about the shape. Moreover, due to the folds often have to deny myself an open and sexy clothes. But it is much better not to avoid problems, and deal with it. Moreover, when the problem is so easily solved.
How to remove the creases under the arms
You will need
  • dumbbells;
  • pool.
The folds in the armpit are formed not only due to excess weight. The reason for their education often become weakened chest muscles and triceps. Posture also plays an important role. The harder you horbites, the more noticeable creases. In any case, your only helper in this problem exercise.
There are many good exercises, the pull up the skin in the underarms. Lie on stomach and raise arms out to the side, as if floating. Exercise will strengthen the back muscles and tighten the skin of the armpits. If you have the opportunity to visit the pool is a big plus. Water resistance increases the load many times, therefore, the effectiveness of the exercise will increase.
Lie on your back, bend your knees, and your hands raise to the sides, not leading to sex. This exercise can be improved by taking weights. In this position clasp your hands together and slowly bring the head. Perform 10-12 times in 2-3 sets.
To strengthen your chest muscles, you must perform push-UPS. Lie on your stomach, palms abut the floor, and the feet on the headlands. Start-UPS, chin touching the floor. Keep the lower back was not bending. If the deflection is still there, bend your knees and datalimits to floor chest.
Another great exercise that is used in Oriental dance: stand up straight and begin alternately to move the shoulders forward and back, until the chest starts to shake finely. Relax your shoulders, giving the body more freedom of movement. Lower body should remain stationary.
Eat less salt. It enhances thirst and fluid retention in the body. The liquid is deposited not only on the waist and hips, but also in the axilla.
Useful advice
Avoid things that fit the underarm. Gripping the skin, they disrupt circulation, causing swelling and puffiness.

Advice 2: How to remove fat under the arms: exercises

Even skinny girls armpits can grow into unattractive fat rolls. And sometimes it's very difficult to give the area texture. Not to deny myself the pleasure of wearing in summer, open tops and sexy shirts, start to perform simple exercises now.
How to remove fat under the arms: exercises
Nutritionists and fitness trainers believe that pleats framing the armpit, is not overweight, but just not enough developed chest muscles and biceps. A similar problem occurs most of the time spend at computer and not watching posture. As a consequence disturbed blood flow to the tissues and formed ugly cushions under the arms. So to remove fat from the underarms will only special exercises, not diet.

How to deal with the problem every day

Armpits to look toned, you must daily perform a few simple exercises. For example, when long sitting at a Desk, make time to warm-up. Stand up, stretch, perform the rotation of the shoulders and arms. If space allows, do some push-UPS, at least from the chair or from the sofa. In addition, during the working day follow the posture, try to lean back in his chair, and to use more of the muscle corset back.

The ideal is to enroll in swimming or shaping, which you can visit after work. If this is not possible, to remove fat from the underarms will help complex basic exercises that are easy to do at home.

The most effective exercises

The first exercise is performed with a small ball or sofa cushion. Become directly, feet on width of shoulders, hold the ball outstretched hands. Rhythmically squeeze your palms elastic surface for a minute, feeling how tense the biceps and pectoral muscles. Then repeat with arms raised above the head with hands, then with bent elbows in front of chest.

No less effective is the stretching of the towel. Take a piece of elastic fabric with both hands at a distance of 0.5 m and slowly stretch it to the side. Make sure that the shoulders remained motionless. At the end point clamp tense hands for 1 minute, then relax for 10 seconds. Then perform the exercise by lifting straight arms above the head. Repeat at least 5 times.

The following exercise is from yoga. "Dolphin pose" – so it is called great not only strengthens armpits, and biceps, oblique muscles of the press and the corset. Get in plank position parallel to the floor – lean on elbows, divorced at shoulder width, hands interlock in the lock, legs together, feet abut on tiptoes. On the exhale, slowly lift the pelvis, completely straightening your knees. Hold up on one inhale and exhale, and then again descend in the position of the bar. Keep your heel constantly on the same level. It is better to stretch the feet into the wall or sofa.

Once you start to deal with folds in the armpits, you will understand that the results are visible from the first class. Most importantly, do not drop your workouts and follow the position.

Advice 3: How to remove folds from the back

Folds of fat on the back, draw the attention of a few. After all, your back people can not see. And if does not see – means no worries. However, wearing clothing with an open back and admiring herself in the mirror, it's hard not to notice these fat wings. Of course, they look awful, but their presence is not a sentence, and a call to action.
How to remove folds from the back
Datasette on a diet. Diet for weight loss is based on the same principle that the person who wants to lose weight needs to consume fewer calories than you expend. In this case, nutrition must be balanced.Unbalanced or very low calorie (some people manage to cut your diet to 3-4 hundred calories per day at the rate of 2-2,5 thousand) the risk that the metabolism to slow down, the body goes into a state of siege, and you will gain weight even from a drink of water.
Uprajneniya activity is an indispensable attribute of any weight. Exercises will quickly smooth out any wrinkles, though at the back, though on other parts of the body. Try twice a day to do the following exercises:- standing on all fours, leaning on hands and knees, pull forward at the same time the right arm and left leg. Hold the pose for a few seconds, then return to starting position and then stretch your left arm and right leg. This is one repetition. Such repetitions must be done at least 10;- lie on the floor on the belly. Hands along the body. On inhale raise your arms, legs, lift shoulders and hips off the floor and hold this position for a few seconds. Get down on the floor and relax. This is an effective exercise for the back need to be repeated at least 10 times.In daily training have to include aerobic activity (cardio exercise), good burn fat. Don't neglect dumbbells. Only with their help it is possible to acquire a good shape the upper torso and arms.
Image jasnieres of life that you lead, can not help but reflect on your appearance. No wonder they say that sow a habit, reap a destiny. And your daily habits rituals have led you to what you have now. You know those habits that brought you to the state in which you are. Make an inventory list, and gradually replace each of them more healthy. Moreover, the key word here is "gradually".Replace the habit to eat oily and hearty meals on, say, an evening stroll (by the way, the day person should take at least 10,000 steps, which equals about 5 miles). Try to go for a walk at a time when the family sits down for a hearty and unhealthy dinner. And use and no temptations.Review your favourite pastime at the weekend. Instead of eating candy in front of the TV go, for example, to ride a bike or walk with children. And so on.
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