Although sweating is a symptom of unpleasant, but this function is necessary for normal functioning of the human body. Therefore, the body temperature reduces and gets rid of harmful substances that the very same selects in a stressful situation. Cosmetic products work effectively on reduce the sweat glands are only some of the time. Medical drugs are used only in case of appointment of their doctor and if indicated, that is, when sweating is a manifestation or a symptom of a serious chronic disease. To get rid of sweat is impossible, but to reduce unnecessary allocation for the long term - is quite real, it is only necessary to identify the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon.

Three levels of intensity of sweating

The intensity of sweat is divided into three groups, in accordance with belonging to each of them and selects one or another method of getting rid of him.
• Sweating as a result of stress or high temperature environment – a problem easily solved with the help of personal hygiene and use of cosmetics for example deodorant-antiperspirant in the form of gel, spray, cream or stick.
• Too profuse sweating can be a symptom of disorders of the endocrine system of the body, and then without consulting a specialist cannot do. Medical help is needed if excessive sweating during menopause, if your relatives had cancer, or diabetes. Attempts to solve the problem yourself can lead to accelerated development of serious diseases, which you just don't know.
• Sweat with a sharp odor can be a symptom of disorders of the kidneys, heart or blood vessels, the genitourinary system, of developing hypertension. Odor even when moderate perspiration is a reason for seeking treatment and a complete examination of the body.

Methods of getting rid of sweating for a long time

After inspection and consultation of a medical professional can be treated with drugs in the form of ointments or sprays, either hardware or injectable treatments. The most common and effective:
• Infores – effects of electric shock and medicines on small areas of the epidermis.
• Laser treatment of hyperhidrosis in the superficial subcutaneous layers introduces a certain amount of a special drug, which, under the influence of the laser rays destroys the sweat glands.
• Surgical methods – in the course of simple operations are clamped sebaceous glands.

Traditional treatments for athlete's

If sweating is due to hot weather, or excitement, can help and traditional methods, proven over the years. For example, you can regularly wipe armpit with a weak solution of baking soda, decoction of oak bark or slices of orange peel. But the main rule is the observance of personal hygiene and the regular use of antiperspirant.