You will need
  • - razor,
  • - formalin,
  • - vodka,
  • - alum,
  • - the infusion of tea fungus,
  • pasta Teymurova.
Everyone wants to smell fresh and spirits, and it is desirable that these feelings did not pass during the whole working day. But you have to give yourself more time with application of certain methods and means. The first thing to get rid of hair in the armpits with a razor or waxing. Since the hair tend to keep any odours, especially sweat.
There is one ancient method that helps to get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat. Take one teaspoon of 40% formalin solution, add half Cup of vodka, a teaspoon of alum, and 50 grams of water. Mix everything carefully and apply on the sweatiest of places that need to pre-wash with soap and water. Leave the solution on the armpits for 30 minutes, then rinse first with warm water and then cold.
Kombucha is a wonderful folk remedy in the fight against unpleasant smell of sweat. This requires Kombucha, infused for at least one month. Thoroughly wash armpits with soap and water, wipe dry and wipe with a towel soaked in the infusion of tea fungus. Thus you will get rid of the smell of sweat.
Pasta Teymurova – another acclaimed, inexpensive and effective tool in the fight against a strong and sharp smell of sweat. Take a bath or shower with soap and water, do not wipe, and lubricate the problem areas with this paste. In the first minutes you will feel a pleasant chill armpits and maybe catch the smell of sweat. Carry out this procedure one or two times a week after bathing.