Excessive sweating can be caused by very different reasons. Perhaps you will be able to determine for yourself. So, if you break through sweat after eating hot food or spicy food, after a heavy drinking or active sports when you are taking medication or are scared or upset, this is normal. Try to eliminate the cause or use regular hygiene products.
Remember that quite often people sweat when vegetative-vascular dystonia, diseases of the thyroid gland, reducing immune system and other serious diseases. Therefore, if natural causes for sweating no, make an appointment with the therapist. If a medical examination will not detect anything serious, you can consider folk remedies. Just make sure you are not allergic.
Starting to deal with sweating, mention that sweat has no smell – it is produced by bacteria that breed well in the right environment. Therefore, the main means against sweat – health. Wash your problem areas and always with soap. After washing, wipe dry, to the body do not remain moist and warm environment.
Face wipe the cooled brewed tea, and fresh cool milk in the mornings and evenings. Allow the skin to dry yourself. Effective and will be tonic, cooling compress.
Sweating feet try to reduce using the crushed bark of the oak (or as a powder, or boiled as an infusion) for several days. Effective baths can obtain infusions of white willow, sage, birch leaves and horsetail. In addition, sprinkle the skin between your special talcum powder and try to wear shoes made of genuine leather, which is better than "breathe".
With sweating in the underarms usually are fighting various deodorants and antiperspirants, a lot of them; the main condition – use them only on clean skin. Do daily lotions from sage. Wrap the armpits can do this: a tablespoon of oak bark pour a glass of water and leave it for 15 minutes in a water bath, then add the lemon juice.
If this issue is very fundamental for you, you can consult with doctors about specific injections, physical therapy and surgical methods of treatment. Radical methods take sweating for several years.