The beaches North of Moscow

Each of the 77 beaches are not only clean and free from infections, but also equipped with all the safety rules and rescue posts, medical units, and also has equipped the car Park, retail outlets soft drinks and garbage collection.

A large number of certified beaches in the Mytishchi district, village Troitskoe, Seating area Khlebnikovo, the complex Malibu Sorokino in the Boarding house "Klyazma", the beach at the village is Flexible, OOO "Baza Otdykha "Pirogov", LLC "Sanatorium "Birches", near the village of Troitskoye, the right Bank in OOO "Tolstoy Park", two zones from Podrezkovo, Perm, the area Novoaleksandrovka" and near the village Boltino.

You can swim at two beaches in Solnechnogorsk, three in the Istra district, one in Naro-Fominsk, two in Zvenigorod, three in Kolomna, one in the Egorievsk district, one in Lohovo and Shatura district, as well as three beaches in Elektrostal and recreation "New dam" village of Pavshino.

You can comfortably and safely swim in the Dmitrov and Sergievo-Posadsky districts, a total of seven beaches in sin'kovo, Slavin, birch, Farm and Semkhoz. A large number of beaches there are in the Solnechnogorsk district – "Senezh", "Green rock", "Trusovo", "Solnechnogorsk", "Forest lake", from the "Exclusion-business", "forget-me-not", "Surf", "West", "Dream", "Novoye Vremya", "Sokolovo" and "Sail".

Other certified places of recreation

In Kashirsky district of the Moscow region is the beach near the sanatorium "Kashirskie Rodnichki" and Stupino – a place of rest sanatorium "Sokolova deserts" (located in the homonymous village), Oka and the beach called the "ideal pit". Bathing is also a municipal beach, Lakes, North shore of the reservoir in Balashikha and a place for organized recreation on the left Bank of the Oka river at the pontoon bridge.

In the Ruza district were certified beach "the farm-3" (Novovolkovo) and the beach belonging to the sanatorium "Rus" (town Polushkino). Has similar items and Volokolamsk district – "MIEM" in a village called Shulgina. In Mozhaisk district is a place of rest in the village of Ilyinskoe, near the health resort "Porechie" and the beach "Obushkovo". Good and safe you can also relax in Chernogolovka – ponds the North and South.

Five beaches is allowed in Podolsk. There is one in Serpukhov at STK Start and two in the nearby area. In Dubna for swimming suitable urban beaches in the Ivankovo reservoir and the Dmitrov - two municipal recreational facilities.