For proper functioning of all organs of life-support cancer needs to stay in the water, preferably the same one from which they are drawn. Usually storage use crayfish cages. The cage material is not important. It can be wood, plastic, but most often for these purposes the metal mesh. Tank must be placed in a container with river water and cover. If this is not possible, then you can put the tank in the bathtub with normal water. It needs to be changed every day, as crabs need oxygen, which is obtained from water. It should be borne in mind that crayfish need to be fed, otherwise from hunger they will eat each other. Of food they prefer fish, but such foods can provoke a fight that cancers usually end with injuries missing claws. Better to give preference to plant foods: raw potatoes, pea pods, assorted grasses. This storage method will extend the life of cancers no more than 3-5 days, however, all individually.
Cancers can be stored outside of an aqueous environment, but because they can't breathe without water, the shelf life in air is only 1-2 days. Crawfish should be in a cool and humid place. The room should be aired as often as possible. To maintain life will help regular spraying from a spray. With an absolute lack of water cancer pain by releasing lactic acid.
Some Housewives keep live crawfish in the fridge. To do this, wash them under running water and placed in a clean plastic bag on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or in the compartment for storage of fruits and vegetables. This zone of freshness, where the temperature is about 0ºC. In such conditions, cancers can not live more than 4 days.
It is necessary to monitor the status of crayfish and upon detection of a deceased individual it should be immediately removed from the General mass. First, crayfish are scavengers and immediately begin to consume dead of cancer in food. And besides, from the decaying carcass emanates a very strong smell. Second, it may accidentally fall into the pot along with live crayfish, and then the entire batch must be thrown out, as the water has toxins, causing severe poisoning. And the taste of crayfish will be completely ruined. To determine the dead cancer possible by the complete lack of movement and an absolutely straight neck, which live crawfish always a little crooked.