Features of cancers

Crayfish have a hard chitin cover and 6 pairs of legs, 2 large claws, 8 legs of the chassis, the 2 remaining legs turned them in the caudal fin. The length of these arthropods can reach 20 centimeters. Than cancer bigger in size, the meat tastes better. As a rule, males overall females and have a more massive claws.

Coloring the cancer is fickle. It varies depending on the properties of water, habitat, and varies from greenish-brown to blue-brown. Crayfish live in fresh water – lakes and rivers. A key condition for their existence – the availability of clean water. In polluted pond arthropod it just dies. In the daytime the crabs are hiding in shelters, under rocks, in burrows, tree roots. At night they sneak outside to begin the hunt.
There are two kinds of cancers: European and American. The most delicious are the large blue crabs. They can be caught only in the Armenian lake Sevan.

How to boil crawfish

The most popular method of cooking crawfish – cooking. It is better to take live specimens. While each cancer must be carefully viewed.

Before cooking arthropod it is necessary to cut, pre-obariv in boiling water, otherwise the meat will not separate from the shell. The boiling water will seal the meat and it will easily separate from the body.

For boiling crawfish you better take a large pot or saucepan. It is necessary to pour water, add dill and salt. It is better to use dried herbs and the more the better. Dill will set the perfect taste of meat. You can also use dill seeds.

Cancers pretty bad absorb salt, so to skimp on it should not be. Insufficient salting cancers are very tasteless. Per liter of water should pour no less than a tablespoon of coarse salt.

To improve the taste, can add to the water, where they will uvarivaetsja crawfish, Bay leaf, pepper, coriander. Spices should be careful, otherwise they can drown out the taste of crayfish.

Live crawfish should only throw in boiling water. They need to take gently to the back, otherwise his claws they can easily grasp the finger. After all arthropods will be placed in the pan, it should cover the lid. When the water from the crawfish boils, the fire should be a little lower.

About the readiness of cancers will signal their color, they should change to orange-red. It usually takes 10 minutes. After that, the pan with the crayfish must be removed from the plate and leave it alone for 5-7 minutes. During this time the crayfish will have time to infuse. Now they just have to put on a suitable dish, decorate with lemon slices, herbs and serve.
Boiled crawfish is good both cold and hot.

Storage of boiled crawfish

Do not store boiled crawfish in aluminum containers. It will be the destruction of elements which are part of the meat cancers. While arthropods acquire a dark, almost black shade and will quickly spoil. Optimal packaging for storage – ceramic or glass cookware.

Crayfish cooked should be stored in the refrigerator compartment for vegetables, or "zone of freshness" not more than 72 hours. While in the freezer they are kept not more than a month.

While freezing boiled crawfish not be defrosting. They should immediately be dipped in boiling water. The same goes for live and frozen crayfish.

Nutritive value of crayfish

Crawfish meat has a delicate taste. Basically it is located in the tail of this animal, and takes only 1/5 of its weight. The claws and walking legs also have a bit of meat. Connoisseurs of fun to use and body cancer (the fact that under his armor), as well as its caviar.

Crab meat has low calorie content. In 100 grams of product contains not more than 76 calories. Crayfish abound in protein and contain almost no fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates. In their meat and a lot of calcium, vitamin B12 and E.