Receive live freshwater crayfish, usually translucent, green, blue or brown. In favorable conditions at temperatures between +15 ° C, in containers with water and free oxygen crabs are very active, they are constantly on the move, climb on each other, wiggling whiskers and claws. If the cancer is "hanging" in the corner of the pond still and breathing heavily, do not take it. It is possible after prolonged transport and, although arthropod is alive, it could starve yourself and you will draw out of his shell, very little meat.
Choose cancers with intact claws, shells, flat color, no chipping and growths.
At temperatures below +10 ° C metabolism of cancers is slowed down, and they seem lifeless. When choosing a chilled crayfish is very important to know how long it is retained in this state. The normal time – up to 48 hours.
Before cooking live crayfish chilled heated to room temperature, washed in a container with salty water (100 g per 10 liters) to not more than 3 minutes, so they would not die from salt water. Those arthropods that remained to float on the water surface and not moving, it is better not to eat.
Chilled boiled radioguidance boiled crawfish should be bright red color and pleasant smell of the sea. Their shells and claws should not have obvious damage. Remember that the easiest way to extract the meat from a freshly cooked crayfish. If you cooked them yourself, do not keep the cancers for more than two hours. If you buy chilled the crayfish in a sealed container, their shelf life is from the moment of production up to 3 to 4 days.
Racization frozen freshwater crawfish can be stored in the freezer up to 3 months. Under the ice they are the same color as the living. Before cooking crawfish defrost in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours. Have defrosted crawfish river mild smell.