People with snub-nosed noses characteristic of sociability. They love parties and other social events, often do not know how to keep secrets, depending on the mood. Snub-nosed people tend to realize themselves in life, to get recognition. All of this should be in some special form.
Men with such noses was easy to communicate with, kind, they have no pity for the beloved. However, they are too vulnerable and susceptible to the words. I can't stand the various intrigues and gossip.
Women play charming, charismatic and cheerful. Thanks to his perseverance and hard work, they succeed. In the personal life snub-nosed women often have problems. Despite this, they become caring mothers, loving wives and good Housewives. Money is managed wisely.
The people with big noses are ambitious people. It is strong, powerful, insistent and persistent nature. They don't accept help from others, preferring to make their own. People with big noses have leadership qualities, they are able to motivate people and lead them to a common goal.
The owners of the large noses typical of gentleness, kindness and credulity. To deceive them is not difficult. These women become loyal friends and spouses. Love animals. A soft feel for cats and dogs.
Men with fleshy noses are also different kindness. They have an analytical mind that allows to reach great heights in require logical thinking activities. As the main work they choose their Hobbies. These men are sexy, they know how to love.
Long, narrow and straight nose is common among straight individuals. Its owners are mistrustful, self-willed people, which can not be called naive and gullible. Around trying to find hidden meaning. To listen more than talk. Often left alone.
Women with long noses have a male character, they are cutting and categorical. It is difficult to please. Such traits as stubbornness, sometimes knows no bounds. Men characterized by such qualities as stubbornness, straightforwardness, distrust, independence.
Aquiline nose is found in creative, talented and temperamental natures. Its owners know how to think and act outside the box. They are charming, like when they are paying attention. Very emotional when angry are not always able to cope with his aggression.
Holders of the nose energetic, easy to succeed. Fall in love with the successful men, as they prefer "beautiful" life with comfort.
Men with such noses are adventurers. Love spending time with friends, traveling. However, new acquaintances are treated with caution.
The owners and holders of the neat nozzles are in a measure pedantic, disciplined, striving for harmony individuals. They are hardworking, punctual and able to work in areas that requires patience and commitment. They have developed a sense of humor, others around them easily and comfortably. When the situation demands it, act decisively, always ready to lend a helping hand to the needy.