The nose is one of the most exposed parts of our body. 90 % of people believe the nose is the main part of the face. Indeed, this is the part of the body that performs many important functions, such as olfaction, respiration, protection, information gathering. The nose is fully formed only 35 – 40 years. The shape of the nose for each individual and depends on the person's lifestyle and heredity. The perfect is considered Nosov middle third of the face, provided that it is equal to distance from nostrils to chin.
There is a perception that the size and shape of the nose can be judged about the nature of man and his intellectual abilities. The wider nose of the person, the more thorough and balanced in his character. It is possible to allocate following kinds of an ideal nose:
- beautiful straight nose;
- straight with a rounded tip, and furnished with wings;
nose with high and straight nose of the Japanese.
If we talk about the anatomical structure of the nose, it is necessary to divide tissue, forming it into bone, cartilage and soft. Complementary parts of the nose are: the nose tip, wings, nostrils, back and nose. Also very important is the fact that often the shape of the nose can be judged on race, to which belongs its owner. There are such shape of the nose:
- "Roman" nose and a small size with a small hump;
- "Caucasian" nose, large in size with a small hump;
- "Negroid" is a broad fleshy nose with large nostrils;
- "Greek" - a thin, straight nose with small wings;
- "Mongoloid" - a small nose, flattened at the nose.
To differentiate the noses on racial grounds, is not as important the length and width of the nose, as a percentage of the width of a long. The percentage is determined by measurement from a specific point, called the nasal index, and varies within such limits:
- leporini – 69.9 (high narrow nose);
- mazarine – 70 – 84,9 (average);
- amarine – 85 – 99 (low and wide);
- hyperkalaemia – 100 and above.
It should be noted the fact that the hump is characteristic of people with thin nose. Also the crook of the nose can be quite a natural formation, and the result of injury of the nose. If such education violates respiratory function or the aesthetics of the face, it can be removed. For this often used such methods:
- rhinoplasty (surgical method);
- contouring the nose (with the help of injections without open surgery).
Among the celebrities is not rare holders of a Roman nose, for example: Russian TV presenter Yana Churikova, the American actress and singer ashlee Simpson, Hollywood actor Nicolas cage. And this is not surprising because this form of nose is associated with a huge list of advantages: vitality, strength, ambition. Typically, holders of a Roman nose possess an analytical mind, prudence and stress.