To get rid of the door creaking, you first need to figure out the cause. Most often a noise occurs because of a lack of sufficient lubrication on the hinges. Another reason for the formation of the irritating difficulty may be the wrong installation of doors.

What to do to the door not creaked? Lubricate the hinges!

Usually, this simple action is enough to make a nasty squeaking is gone. To handle door hardware will fit any thick grease. You can use petroleum jelly, grease, ciation. Skilled house masters are advised to treat problem areas with sprays of complex action. Special tools eliminate the creaking in the future aerosol lubricant to displace moisture, restore the wear of the friction surfaces and protects the fittings from freezing.

To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to remove the door from its hinges. If this is hard to do, you can gently lift it. In the place where the contact friction surfaces of cylindrical parts is formed a gap width of a few millimeters. Here to apply a small amount of grease, lube oil from the nipples.

If you were able to remove the door from its hinges, you can use a dry graphite lubricant. It exists in every house, it is a stylus from a simple soft pencil (it is easily recognized by the marking of 3M). The piece of graphite should be placed in a clearance to put the door back in place several times to open it and close it. In operating a dry lubricant will be crushed and will relieve owners from the door creaking. Graphite works equally well at low and high temperatures. It can be used for processing as interior and entrance, garage door.

What to do to the door not creaked? Pull up loops!

It so happens that all the hinges carefully oiled reliable means, but the door continues to creak. In this case, the reason lies in shattered or deformed hinges. If the door is in operation long enough, the junction point of the moving elements of fittings is produced or gradually wears away. It is sometimes said that "the door slipped."

The problem can be solved in two ways. You can make a splice with a fluoroplastic or a metal washer. In the case of a strong deterioration of the mechanism must be completely replaced.

Experts advise to carry out periodic maintenance checks-door and on time to lubricate the hinges at least once in 6 months. These simple steps will save homeowners from extraneous sounds and need to change door hardware.