You will need
  • — screwdriver;
  • — based lubricant grease or pencil lead;
  • — plane;
  • — hammer;
  • — chisel;
  • — a plumb or a laser rangefinder.
If the door does not close, check the correct installation of the box by means of a plumb and a laser rangefinder. Maybe during installation there was a bias. In this case, remove the box from the doorway and install it again, when you do this, screw in each joint at least two screws.
Note, the door also may not close due to the fact that loops are planted too deep from the outer face plane of the door. To fix this, disassemble the hinges and fix them again, shifting closer.
Maybe the door doesn't close properly due to the fact that the hinges are recessed enough into the box and protrude above the surface. In this case, Unscrew the screws holding the hinges, and increase the depth of the grooves.
If the door is "bogged down" in the box and clinging, the cause may be too close to the mounting of hinges to the edge of view, not a "peep" if the loop over the front of the plane. Fix it by re-fastening.
Quite possibly, cause a loose shutter doors is that the grooves for the hinges were too deeply cut. In this case, put inside the strip of cardboard.
If the housing of the latch or lock door handles clings to the pad on the receiving side and projecting over the end surface of the door, correct this defect by increasing the depth of the groove under the lock or latch.
If the door slightly touches the upper or lower joint, put in place of the alleged contact of the copy paper and close the door. Then see where a spot appears. Small bumps on the wood frame you can simply "crush" with a hammer. This was to deal with the problem failed, stelite extra plane and paint the door again.
To get rid of squeaky doors off the hinges, and then lubricate any hinges with grease based grease or put inside a small piece of graphite slate pencil and hang back.