You will need
  • - a set of carpenter's tools;
  • - an electric drill;
  • - drill bits for concrete;
  • the Ø6 screws with plastic plugs;
  • - flat washers Ø6х14;
  • - a wooden beam of size not less than 60x60 mm.
The choice of method of repair
Decide on the method of repair.
The creaking of the parquet arises because any rivets are loose to intermediate base (plywood, rough sex, etc.), or interim basis are not rigidly mounted on a concrete or wooden base. As a result, deformation occurs in the friction of the studs against each other, accompanied by a creak.
There are several ways to get rid of the squeak without disassembly of the flooring. The main three of them:
• injection syringe adhesive mixture under the flooring;
• installation of wooden pin rests on the concrete Foundation;
• stand flooring screws to the concrete base.
The first two methods do not give an absolute guarantee to eliminate squeaks. Their effectiveness depends on the specific conditions: the floor structure, the method of attachment of a parquet and so forth. In some cases, they can be effective, in others not.
The third method is the most reliable, deserving to he preferred.
Definition of places of fastening of a parquet
Decide on locations for installation of screws.
To find the optimal site of attachment of flooring to the concrete base and check whether you achieve the effect, use wooden bars. Cut a few boards with a length equal to the distance from the ceiling to the floor. Sharpen one end of the beam so that at its end has a heel about the size of peteroleum coin. Install this end in the place where you hear the creak. The other end should rest against the ceiling using a wooden Board placed under him. Because the length of the beam with the thickness of the Board will exceed the height of the room, the beam will be located at some angle relative to the vertical.
Tamp the upper end of the beam so that it went over Board and planted have become the spacers between the ceiling and floor. This leads to the fact that the parquet in the area of emphasis will be firmly pressed to the ground. In this case simulated the situation that will arise when installing the screw.
Check the squeak is gone or not. If gone, you need to install in this place one screw, pulling them flooring to the ground.
If the squeak has disappeared in the area of focus of the beam, but remained in other places, set it in the same way other boards and check for squeaks.
This way you can determine the number of screws necessary for the complete elimination of difficulty, and their place of installation.
Drilling holes
Drill holes for installation screws at points that are identified.
The diameter of the drill is determined by the diameter of the plastic tube, which should be Packed in a concrete base. The depth of penetration of the drill into the base must be at least 40-50 mm. Length of the screw will be equal to the drilling depth given the fact that his head should be recessed 5-7 mm in flooring. For this, the upper part of the hole to the same depth (5-7 mm) reams drill, the diameter of which equals the outer diameter of the washer (14 mm). Washer fits under the screw head in order to protect the emphasis in the floorboard.
Mount flooring
Remove dust and chips resulting from drilling, hammer the plastic tube in the concrete base.
Put on the screw the washer and screw it into the cork. As a result, the flooring in this place will be firmly secured to the base.
Install the same way the screws in other places of the flooring.
Sealing holes
Seal openings in the floor.
This is best done with a filler for parquet, which allows you to simulate the surface texture of the floorboard. Sand the repair place and cover them with varnish.