You will need
  • - foil
  • spray gun
  • - container of water
  • - light clothing
Many are trying in hot weather to open all the Windows and doors. Ventilation in the heat will not bring coolness, but only will increase the room temperature. If you want to properly ventilate, you should do it either early in the morning until eight o'clock or late in the evening after ten o'clock. Day and night tightly close the Windows so the hot air does not get into the apartment.
It is necessary to humidify the atmosphere in the apartment to get rid of dry and hot air. This can be done using a conventional sprayer. Spraying cold water in the apartment every hour.
You can use to cool your room reflective foil. Must be purchased at a hardware store a roll of aluminum foil and paste in her window from the inside. Sunlight and heat will be reflected and the room will not heat up.
Use for cooling the ice. Cool container with water in the freezer. On a hot day, remove the container with ice and leave it on the kitchen table. The ice will melt, thereby forcibly cooling the room.
Try to cook less dishes that require using the oven. Use in the diet of more vegetable salads. If you want to cook hot food, do it in the morning or evening, when the room temperature is lowered.
Home wear only light clothing. The apartment gets hot, if you are going to sweat in the clothes. Home clothes also can be cooled by means of a spray.