Keep cool in the apartment will help you curtains made of dense matter. Hang them on all the Windows to prevent the penetration of hot air. White and linen blackout curtains - perfect as the white colour reflects the heat, and the flax contributes to cooling. To prevent the penetration of sunlight, you can also use blinds or light blinds. If the interior of the room will be dominated by blue or blue colour, the apartment will appear visually cooler. Don't forget to replace your bed linen to silk. During sleep, it will be cool.
A great way to protect the apartment from the sun - is tinted Windows. If you want, you can choose a variety of colors protective film; then you will be able in any color to see the world outside the window. Keep in mind that toning should be moderate, otherwise it may interfere with good room lighting. Taped window reflective films, you will also save yourself from the scorching sun. If for any reasons the film or tinted glass is unacceptable, then the usual food foil, is a great alternative.
It is very important in the heat to keep the ventilation mode. At night and in the morning open the Windows or air vents to hot day the walls have cooled. Trees that grow under the window, is also well protected from heat. Owners of private households it is recommended to surround your home with green hedges. If you live in an apartment building and have a balcony, then spread the flower garden. To cool the apartment also with bathroom, gaining full bath of cold water, and opening wide the door.
Another effective way to cool down in the heat of the room is to build a homemade air conditioner. To do this, freeze a few plastic bottles of water. After they freeze, blackout curtains, close all the Windows and put the bottle in front of a fan. After a couple of hours the room will be much cooler. Do not forget to put the frozen bottle on the tray, because they will condense moisture.