How to protect apartment from the heat

Especially hard in the heat accounts for residents of apartments, whose Windows face South and South-West. So the room is less heated in the sun, keep the blinds down and curtains tightly closed. Particularly effective heat rays reflect the curtains of light linen and cotton. It is also recommended to stick on the glass using a special reflective film. You can replace the food with foil or mirrored paper, which is used in the children's creativity. Ventilate the room you need in the morning and evening, and the day the Windows have to be closed to protect the apartment from the hot air.

Try less to cook on the stove or in the oven. The cooking process is allocated a lot of heat, which heat will not be able to get rid of, just ventilate the room. In addition, at elevated temperature is better to use cold and light food: salads, fruits, vegetables, and traditional Russian okroshka. If you still have to cook, be sure to use the hood. It will help you to not only get rid of the smell of food, but also a very large quantity of hot air.

Also a lot of heat is released when working with iron, vacuum cleaner and other household appliances. Their use should be avoided whenever possible.

How to cool the room in the heat

Primitive conditioning can be done from plastic bottles and a normal room fan. Fill bottles with water and place them on a couple of hours in the freezer, that water turned into ice. Put the bottle in front of a fan and direct the stream of air. Despite its simplicity, such a device can for 15 minutes of work to lower the room temperature a couple of degrees. As the ice melted, the bottle should be changed.

Purchase and install a ceiling fan with multiple modes of operation. At the minimum speed this device is almost no noise and creates strong winds. It can't be cold, the fan does not interfere with viewing television or working at the computer. However, in the room with him becomes much easier to breathe.

In the heat it is recommended to frequently carry out wet cleaning of the apartment. Evaporation of water always helps to cool the air. You can also arrange the rooms water container to hang on the doors and radiators wet towel and from time to time splashing into the air from a spray. However, to many, this method of cooling the apartments are not suitable because moist heat is heavier than dry.