Window protection

Those who are longing to create in your home a good atmosphere, you should attend to this even when only the heat is installed, and to begin the necessary transformation from the Windows. Penetration through their glass direct sunlight already been able to make room temperature of 3-10C higher. Therefore it is important that such heat source was some obstacle.

A great option in this regard would be blinds. Now, there are many varieties of them - including those that are installed on each casement separately, not preventing them from opening for ventilation. Blinds should be kept closed all the time while the sun shines in the window. For rooms that looks to the East, this will be the first half of the day, and for "West" is the second.

If the blinds are difficult to raise funds, we should at least buy a special reflective tape and stick it directly on the glass. This is done usually by means of a spray and a plain water. The purchase of this film will be unobtrusive for the budget, but in terms of cooling effect of it will be felt immediately. To strengthen you must also draw the curtains early in the morning, before the sun has time to warm the room. It will not be very light but cool.

Down with hidden heaters!

Some Russians since the Soviet times have a certain deference to the carpets, which was considered then a sign of a certain prosperity in the family. However, at such wool products are better to roll up and stash away. They are the true enemy of coolness, as the heat accumulate on the floor or on the walls. It's great in winter, but not in the heat.

Also not a sin to disconnect not used at the moment, the appliances, since they can heat the air around him. If you pull the plug the cord running "background" TV or computer for half an hour was left without attention of the owners, the room becomes a little cooler, and the electricity will be saved.

"Proper" ventilation

To create a comfortable temperature in the room is also important ventilation. However, in order that it really had the desired effect, it is important to arrange it in a timely manner.

Cool air enters the apartment only in the night hours. A day when in full sun cooks, the streets are only impregnated with a heat air mass. Because to cover the vents and balcony doors need almost immediately after sun rise and open again closer to sunset.

To move air is not a sin to use a fan. Preferably outdoor models, as they are more powerful than their desktop counterparts. So this device is a little cooled the room should be put in front of him, under his stream, pre-cooled in the freezer bottles of water and periodically replaced.

If you follow at least these recommendations, the room temperature in summer will be more comfortable. In this room people will really have a rest, gain strength for their everyday activities.