You will need
  • - iTunes;
  • - connecting cable included in the package.
Make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes is required to complete the procedure activate iPhone, and the mobile device is loaded.
Make sure that the computer has Internet access and the connection is active.
Insert SIM card into iPhone and connect your device to the computer using the connecting cable included in the delivery package having a USB connector and a special connector for the dock.
Wait for the automatic determination of the connected mobile device with iTunes and the screen appears "Connect to iTunes" on the iPhone.
Confirm to start activation process in the dialog box, iTunes application, and wait for a series of screens to collect information necessary for the implementation of the procedure.
Enter the details of your iTunes account in the corresponding fields of the new dialog box request and wait for the message "Welcome to the phone".
Confirm your agreement with the terms of the license agreement about using software iPhone by clicking the button "Accept" and press the "Send" button to complete the operation, activate the mobile device.
Wait for automatic activation of all functions of the iPhone and sync the necessary data of the mobile device with the computer.
Make sure the phone is working by running a test call to any number and configure the mobile device according to your preferences.
Use the remote activation iPhone, provide the latest versions of iOS5, no need to connect your phone to the computer.