It gives you many advantages. You will be able to add such useful features as retrieving and search covers of you are interested in albums, missing or unknown data on the song (such as author, year of publication, the title track and others) to download different songs for free, videos, useful apps and interesting games.

  1. In order to register the iPhone you have to have email, but not every address can be suitable for this procedure, preferably the end of the email on com. For example, Yahoo! or GMail.

  2. So, start registration. It is quite simple, but in order to register the iPhone the first time, you must strictly follow the instructions and reread it several times. Otherwise you may have trouble registering.

  3. You must first open iTunes and click on iTunes Store. After the page loads, the bottom of the page change the country to United States, and then looking for the App Store link and click on it. After that you have to log in to the App Store and find the column with the free apps. It is clear that the column should have this free application in order for you do not pay for the check and spent it for free. Choose any, but only from the free column. Then buy the game or program to do this, click GET APP. Then in the opened window choose "create account". After that you get a license (actually no one's reading it, all at once press the "read"). Put a tick that you have read the license agreement and agree with its points. Next you need to enter in the box that appears, your email address, password, your birth date and data for password recovery if it is lost (question/answer). The password must contain at least eight characters and must start with a capital letter.

  4. Once you have registered, you need to wait until the activation confirmation (typically 5-10 minutes). When the message came, go to the link from this. After that, you check check, and then must connect to iTunes.

  5. And you registered in iTunes and can enjoy high quality music, games, programs, etc.