The first step to fully use your iPhone - to install a special program iTunes on your personal computer. Without this program, you will not be able to download to your phone music, apps and videos. You can download it directly from the official website of the company The program installation is automatic, you only need to specify the region of residence.
The next step is to sync the iPhone with iTunes. This program is one of the best multimedia players in the world. Moreover, in iTunes, you can buy a variety of music, programs, videos and games with one click. To run synchronization, you need to connect your iPhone to personal computer (with iTunes installed). Next, the program will automatically detect your device (if this does not happen, you need to contact support). Sync will only happen in case of a successful discovery (in other words, if your iPhone is not defective).
After you set up your iPhone for music and video, you'll need to buy or use the free updates on the iTunes Store. In order to create an Apple account, click on the "Settings" icon in the iPhone, then select "Store". After this, activate the option "Create new account". It filled the empty graphs is known only to you confidential information (located inside the box from the iPhone). After that you have to make these changes and save the settings, after the synchronization with iTunes. Now you can enjoy convenient services, Apple, check iPhone completed.