Cough is not a disease but only a symptom. At the same time it is a defensive reaction of the body to clean the Airways of mucus. To determine the diagnosis of the disease alone is dangerous for the health of the child, so at the first sign of a cough, immediately consult your pediatrician. He will listen to the baby with a stethoscope, appoint tests to find out the cause of cough that may be hiding in SARS and flu, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia or tuberculosis.
Keep in mind that the cough does not need to be eliminated, but only to facilitate. For example, if the dry cough, the doctor will prescribe an antitussive agent that will suppress the cough reflex or receptors. Wet cough expectorant treated with drugs that increase the amount of sputum and help it move smoothly. The use of inhalation and physiotherapy, which assigns a pediatrician speed up healing due to its antibacterial effect.
In addition to medicines prescribed by a doctor, give the child during the day, plenty of warm drinks: sour juice, alkaline mineral water. The adoption of liquid helps the body in getting rid of waste, help to loosen the phlegm. Also brew and let's coughs, following the recommendations on the label, breast fees herbs purchased at a pharmacy.
In addition, trust-tested folk remedies for cough. They can be used in parallel with drug treatment, and greatly enhance its effectiveness. It can be a hot chest compresses soft impact. For example, even for a breastfed baby suit hot compress made of flour dough kneaded in a cake of honey, sunflower oil, dry mustard, vodka, taken 1 tablespoons the Cake divide into 2 parts and attach the front and back of the chest of the child, primativa warm scarf for the night. The compress will help the child to sleep at night without suffering from bouts of coughing.
From a prolonged cough comes to the aid of a radish with honey. Have fresh radish cut the "cap" which will serve as a cover. Then cut the root deepening, which half fill with natural honey. After half a day in the hole will appear OSK radish. This sweet medicine is poite baby 4 times a day for 1 tsp. after meals. School-age children can be given 1 Dec. A. And after 12 years - 1 tbsp for cough helps and burnt sugar. And sliced onions with sugar. Nastoyaschii, this mixture produces a sweet syrup, which is in no way inferior syrups purchased at a pharmacy.
Make child inhalation homely fashion with a special inhaler or kettle. In the kettle boil in their jackets potatoes or half a liter of boiling water steep 3 tbsp. of pine buds. On the spout put a funnel over which the child will breathe, having covered with a towel. This procedure for security reasons is to hold the baby only 5-6 years. During inhalation, observe the child, so he didn't get burned. After the procedure, the baby immediately wrap it and place under the covers, avoiding hypothermia.