You will need
  • saline solution
  • - vasoconstrictor nasal drops
  • - the juice of Kalanchoe
  • - cheese
  • - decoction of eucalyptus
To effectively cure a cough and runny nose in babies help the doctor, who should immediately notify. Timely medical care will help avoid complications and hospitalization. Appointed a course of treatment should be carried out according to the scheme.
Treatment of rhinitisNeed to clear nasal passages of mucus. For this to drip into each nostril of the child 1-2 drops of saline solution (Akvamaris, or other types of pain Fiziomer Marker) and after a few minutes to remove the mucus with a cotton flagella or aspirate the allocation of extractor or pear.
Pediatrician appointed to drip drops in the nose (Derinat, Nazol Bebi, Nazivin) and follow the instructions prescription.
Breast milk has bactericidal action and quickly relieves baby from the cold. Drip 2 – 3 drops in each nostril.
Effective folk remedy for the common cold – the juice of Kalanchoe. The leaves of the plant clean, stretch, dilute with water 1:10. Drip 1 drop in each nostril, repeat up to 5 times a day. Previously the baby's nose can not be cleaned, the mucus will be released in the process of sneezing.
How often do acupressure wings of the nose of the baby.
Treatment kasetony compress will help to relieve a child's cough even at high temperature. Warmed the cheese to be wrapped in cheesecloth and apply to the back of the baby, cover with waxed paper and fasten the diaper.
When the baby is sleeping, you can put next to his crib decoction of eucalyptus. For this, 250 ml of boiling water pour 1 tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves, boil and cool slightly. This tool will allow you to cure cough and rhinitis in infants in a short time.
You need to carry out a draining massage. The child put on the knees tummy down, bottom up, gently tap your fingers on the back. Then put the baby on a flat surface, Pat the chest, then back in the direction from the bottom up.