Please refer to the notary who has the authority to serve you as a client. In some localities notaries work with clients, defined according to territorial affiliation, some of the letters of the alphabet that start the names of citizens.
In addition to the text of the will, which is written in a simple written form in two copies, one of which remains with you, the second a notary, you will need:
- a document certifying your identity;
- a complete list listing all the heirs that you included in the will, indicating their addresses, dates of birth and contact details;
- identification documents to devised real estate.
To certifying documents include certificates of ownership or certificates that devised property really belongs to you.
If the will specified movable assets for which the certifying documents are not issued, it is necessary to give detailed description, so that it can be uniquely identified and none of the heirs did not have any additional questions or concerns.
In that case, when you are already in old age, in order that the will be contested, attach a certificate from the psycho-neurological clinic certifying your competency, and that at the time of the writing of a will you are completely responsible for their actions and were not under whose influence. After 70 years of this condition is mandatory for all the devisor. If a notary there is a doubt in your adequacy, he has the right to refuse the certification of the text of the will.
When in the will included the apartment, it is important that all the data specified in the certifying documents and will coincide: area, address, identification number and inventory number. Please note that the apartment in which you reside under the contract of social hiring, bequeath not – she is in state or municipal ownership. If you want to do this, it must first be privatized.