Often man tries to cover up the fact that he goes to the left. And this desire is driven by different reasons - from the desire to avoid scandals and fights to (ironically in this situation it sounds) a reverent attitude to his wife.

The causes of cheating

The reasons for cheating can be very, very much. This alcoholic intoxication, and the desire to take revenge or to punish a spouse, and lack of thrill at home, etc. this is not the fact that the man who began to cheat on my wife, more like her. It just may be something to receive the house that it is easy to give on the side.
Of course, if the fact of infidelity came to light, we should not blame all the sins of the guilty spouse, or yourself. As a rule, both are guilty. So you'll have to do some serious psychological work to find out the truth.

That a man must leave his family with his mistress, is a myth. On the contrary, the representatives of the strong half of mankind prefer to keep the family together, having a relationship on the side. Yes, sometimes one mistress after another, but the family of this gentleman is sacred.

Not to leave the family man may, for various reasons. For example, he really loves his wife, just because of its nature it is not enough one women. Or wife is cold in bed. Or... everyone has their own explanation for this phenomenon.

In addition, a common situation, when a man loves his wife, his mistress, and is not willing to part with any of them. In this case, the lover is obviously in a better position, because she knows that they have a love triangle. And in this situation, will the man in the family depends on his wife and her reaction when she finds out about the affair.

The promise of divorce mistress hear most often. However, before doing such conversations rarely reach. Often the cause is the selfishness of men, which is just so convenient to live.

Her husband is cheating, but not go away: what to do

If my wife opened the truth and she decided to forgive her husband, it is necessary, first, to put before him the question bluntly: either the wife or a mistress. He must take this difficult decision and choose one.
Often in psychological sources say that it is impossible for my husband to put that kind of ultimatum. Indeed, in the form of an ultimatum to not do this. But it is necessary that this decision was literally brewing in the air.

It is not necessary to resort to blackmail, threats and other prohibited techniques. The wife must be more advantageous in comparison with his mistress. This means that if you decided to forgive, you will have to pull myself together to become kind, sympathetic, gentle and begin to fulfill the desires of his men. Of course, a share is reasonable. It is not necessary to turn yourself into a slave, only to save his marriage. Remember that a man may begin to enjoy the situation. Simply a change of tactics, adjusting those features which spouse you didn't like.

Also have to take care about their appearance - clean yourself up, change clothes, hairstyle, etc. Find a hobby. Small personal life and interests on the side will help to keep the marriage alive, making you in the eyes of the wife more interesting.

Remember that if he is having a mistress, you are not out, so, he needs you, cares about your feelings and loves you. And this is a strong trump card in the fight with the opponent.