You will need
  • - seeds of cucumbers;
  • - marganzovka;
  • - growth stimulator;
  • - water.
First plan where you will grow cucumbers in the country. If you have a safe shelter for these plants in a modern greenhouse of polycarbonate, in a way, you can put lock seeds in early may.
In the open ground, were lutrasil or film plant seeds of this vegetable only after the pass by late spring frosts. In the Middle lane – not before may 20. Accordingly, start cucumber seeds soak for 3 days before the target date.
With regard to cucumber seedlings, the age should be 25 to 27 days, then start to prepare the seeds for 28-30 days before planting young plants in the garden.
Browse moon calendar, see whether favorable day you chose. If not, then move the time forward or backward for 2-3 days.
You can now begin the pre-sowing preparation of seeds of cucumber. Pour them out of the packet in a piece of bandage or gauze bag. If you are planting several varieties, you can place them in different fabric.
Make a disinfectant solution, vsypav 3-5 crystals of potassium permanganate in 300 ml of water. It should be a rich pink color. Place the bags with seeds in this solution for 20 minutes. Then rinse under running Luke warm water.
Now within 12 hours of cucumber seeds needs to obtain a special diet. Place them in a solution of potassium HUMATE or growth stimulant. Next is the next stage of soaking.
Place the seeds in a cloth package on the surface of the bowl. Pour some water in it to wet the gauze in half. If you overdo it with moisture, the germs may die without oxygen.
Put the bowl in a warm corner of the apartment for 2-3 days. Usually need the temperature at the top of the kitchen cabinets or under the battery. Sure morning and evening check to see if the bowl water, and then the beginnings of the plants may die from drought.
After that time, on the one hand the seed you will notice which appeared spine. Don't wait until the roots become large, and put the container of seeds in the fridge to harden. 12 hours visivite planting material in individual pots that are filled with nutritious soil.
If you are planting directly into the open ground, prepare to plant a garden in advance, so the land had time to settle.