You will need
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - drainage;
  • loam;
  • - sand;
  • - humus;
  • - manure;
  • - wood ash;
  • - covering material.
The soil for cucumbers prepared in the fall. Select the plot loose, slightly acidic soil, protected from strong winds. Cucumbers tolerate light shade, but dense shade the cucumber patch better not to post. In the autumn digging the soil, make a bucket of manure and two hundred grams of wood ash per square meter of soil.
Cucumbers are grown as a seedling method and from seed sown in the open ground. Preparation of planting material at the seedling method of growing is to do in the beginning of April. Soak cucumber seeds for fifteen minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate.
Rinse the treated seeds and wrap them in wet tissue for germination. It is best to use for this purpose is easy nanocause material with a tight weave. Once the cucumbers sprout, their roots will not be easy to extract intact from a fabric similar to gauze. Place the seeds in a place with a temperature below twenty degrees and watch that the fabric was wet.
Prepare the container for planting. On the bottom of the container pour drainage layer with a thickness of about a centimeter. On top of the drainage layer fill with soil mixed with four parts humus, part sand and two parts loam. Sow the sprouted seeds in the soil mixture to a depth of two inches, cover with plastic film or a transparent lid and place the box so that the temperature therein does not fall below twenty-five degrees.
A week after the sprouts appear, the temperature in the greenhouse with seedlings can be reduced to twenty degrees. Watering the seedlings with water a bit warmer than room temperature. To ensure that the seedlings are not stretched, her dosvechivat fluorescent lamp.
Cucumber seedlings is recommended to plant in the garden after the danger of spring frosts. A week before this plant should be ready for transplant to reduce the temperature indoors with seedlings to fifteen degrees and reduce watering.
In the fall prepared bed, dig a groove depth of thirty centimeters. On her bottom, place a layer of humus with a thickness of about fifteen centimetres and pour the top layer of soil. For cucumber it is recommended to form a slightly raised flower bed.
Some growers prefer to sow cucumbers nonseedlings way. For this, the seeds wrapped in a damp cloth for twelve hours, and then sown in prepared soil to a depth of three centimeters. Between individual plants, leaving a distance of about ten centimeters. Do this after the ground has warmed up to fifteen degrees.
For normal growth of cucumbers need temperatures around twenty five degrees. When there is a threat of frost, cover the bed with tape.