First, the seeds need to choose. When buying inspect the bag of seeds, mi, make sure that it is not only the manufacturer but also the coordinates of the manufacturer: address and phone number. This will guarantee that you do not acquire a fake. In addition, before buying examine the register of agricultural plants. It can be found on the website of the Rosselkhoznadzor. Check the names of the seeds with this registry. Not mentioned in this grade is better not to take, they may not be the plants you want to grow.
How to plant <strong>seed</strong>
Before planting, the seeds need to be processed. Let them soak for a couple of hours in a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate. Then rinse the seeds with water and plant. But better to start them a little sprout. Pour into a saucer a little water, put marlice and pour this marlice seeds. Leave for 2-3 days. Make sure that the gauze was constantly wet. When the seeds swell, proceed to landing.
How to plant <strong>seed</strong>
Fill in the planting containers pre-prepared soil. Make small holes, fill them with warm settled water. Put in each recess in the seed, sprinkle the earth. Then moisten the soil with a spray gun (not to displace the seeds). Top cover capacity transparent plastic film to obtain a greenhouse effect. Wait: 7-10 days you should see the sprouting seeds.
How to plant <strong>seed</strong>