Vessels of the eye is comparable to the muscles. If you don't train them, muscles weaken. Necessary moderate systematic training, exercises and gymnastics. There is and eye exercises, designed primarily to relax eye muscles to relieve tension. This gradually strengthens and ocular vessels.
Charging involves the rapid blinking and circular movements with the fingertips, during which it is necessary a little pressure on the closed eyelids. But before something to undertake, you must contact the doctor who will be able to offer a range of visual exercises.
Drug use and ways of enhancing vessels in the eye. Of course, these drugs require a prescription, so, turning to the optometrist about the eye program, gymnasts can offer the necessary drugs. If your doctor feels that you need medication, he will prescribe the right prescription.
Do not forget about healthy lifestyle. You need time for a rest (at least eight hours of sleep). Vegetables and fruits should regularly appear in the diet. Food include carrots. This does not mean that you need to eat only her, do not overdo it! But once in a few days be sure to add it to their menu.
The absence of a strong stress and nervous breakdowns will certainly benefit. Not superfluous to drink a course of vitamins and ascorbic acid.
More walk on the street and fewer sitting at the computer or TV. Remember, the less you will strain your eyes, the easier and faster will be the treatment.