The most common cause of shaking screen is the presence in the operating room or apartment of a source of alternating electromagnetic fields. This can be verified very easily by using the movement monitor. If the shaking stops, then the problem is associated with electromagnetic fields. Their sources are various electrical installations, transformer substations, and transmission lines. At home, replace them with TV, refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances.

The second most frequent cause of shaking screen - lack of power supply. As a rule, the monitor can be connected to the pilot which, in addition to him, another "feed" the system unit, modem, TV, chandelier, and much more, depending on the user's taste. Worth a try to disable some of these devices and see decreased whether the shaking image on the monitor. If not, then perhaps the problem is in the pilot, how it filters the electricity. You can just try to change it.

Less often (though most often coming to mind) the reason for the shaking image may be a fault inside the monitor, for example, a broken scanner in the monitor or a problem with the system its power. In such cases it is inexperienced users to climb inside the monitor. The best solution in this situation would be to appeal to qualified specialists.

Sometimes the cause of the above problems could be the low refresh rate of the screen. By default, some monitors frequency exhibited in the region of 60 Hz. This not only makes visible trembling of the screen, but also extremely harmful to the eye. Therefore it is necessary through "control Panel" find the menu item "Display" and set there the frequency of 75 Hz. When the frequency jitter of the screen can go completely.