With a quick calculation of the cost of housing (but also the most approximate), you can make using the online calculator calculate the value of the property. One such Internet services available at the following address:
If you own an apartment in the building, and since its acquisition has not made any improvements to the appearance of the premises, then ask the developers how much are now deposited them into service apartments in your area. Add to this price a certain amount that you will be able to "concede" to the buyer in the case of bargaining, and you get the approximate value of your home.
You can rate your apartment after analyzing periodicals or Internet sites with ads for real estate transactions. Pay more attention to ads individuals: many real estate companies, wishing to attract customers deliberately decide lower price on the apartment. Keep in mind when calculating the cost of housing by method of analogy, you can get only the approximate result. Your apartment as the object of evaluation, unique, its price is influenced by many different factors: location (the prestige of the area), distance from hazardous industries, transport accessibility, infrastructure, construction year of the house, wall material, condition of buildings, number of floors, total area and condition of the apartment, type of bathroom (separate or joint), layout and size of residential and auxiliary rooms, Elevator, garbage chutes, balcony/loggia, telephone, Internet, heating equipment, meters for water, gas and electricity, view the legal "freedom" of the apartment (encumbrances, minor owners), etc.
If your apartment is a good repair, you can calculate its cost, if you know a few real estate agents what is the average price of an apartment in stroyvariant in your area, and then add to that price the cost of the repair.
In connection with the growth and development of modern real estate market, there is an increasing demand to acquire appraisal services. The error in the determination of the cost of housing specialists is minimal. If you ask for rating of real estate professionals, your attention will present a detailed expert report, which not only will indicate the market value of the apartment, but in detail, what methods had been evaluated, what factors were taken into account, and in addition will be analyzed the real estate market in your city (district). The cost of the appraisal services is relatively low, and ranges from 3000 to 20000 thousand rubles (depending on the area of your apartment and the city in which the property is located).