How pregnancy occurs

Every month a woman's body Matures one egg. It develops in one of the ovaries about 10-13 days, and then, within 24-48 hours, moves to the fallopian tube leading to the uterus. This process is called ovulation. During ovulation, the body prepares for possible pregnancy in the uterus formed a new mucous membrane, produce specific hormones. The egg remains in the fallopian tube for about a day. If during this period it will unite with a sperm, pregnancy. Otherwise the egg dies and some time later removed from the body with the blood and of the uterine lining - menstruation occurs. Thus, it is possible to get pregnant only at certain times associated with ovulation.

What days can I get pregnant

The number of days between the beginning of menstruation is called menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs approximately in the middle. The duration of the menstrual cycle for each individual woman, so the time of ovulation need to count yourself. In a healthy organism pregnancy can occur in the period of ovulation and a maximum of 5 days before it. After the release of the egg from the fallopian tube, the possibility of pregnancy is minimal, but a tiny percentage of probability is preserved. The remaining time before the onset of menstruation is considered day natural protection.
A woman's cycle depends on many factors, it can stray and change its duration. Therefore, we should not abandon protection in the days of natural contraception if you are not planning to have a baby.

How to determine the onset of ovulation

The most common method is the basal temperature measurement. Must carry out the procedure every day closer to the middle of the cycle. The day of ovulation, the temperature decreases slightly, and immediately thereafter sharply increases.
Basal temperature is measured immediately after waking, before getting out of bed. For accurate results, sleep at least 5 hours and not drink alcohol.

You can also focus on subjective experience. During ovulation may be a little sick to your stomach, and increases sexual desire. The number of natural secretions increases and increases their viscosity. Recently become widespread ovulation test - sold in the pharmacy and have a high level of confidence. But the most accurate way is ultrasound monitoring: within several days the doctor is watching the maturation of the egg and can clearly identify the moment of ovulation.