The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. You usually need to provide copies of all completed pages of internal passport.
Application form for obtaining a passport. As a rule, she is asked to provide two copies. The application form must be filled in on the computer or by hand, in the latter case you should use black or dark-blue ink to write legibly, why not print it? List in the questionnaire in a box all types of employment or training for employment for the last 10 years. The problem disabled people that they can not certify the questionnaire at the place of work. If you don't work and learn, then your application form certify by his signature the employee of the FMS.
If you are applying for a passport the old model, you will need 2 photos 35 x 45 mm. Pictures have to be made on a white or light background and printed on matte paper. It is best to do them in photo shop, employees who in the course requirements for ID photos. For biometric passports do not need pictures, take a picture of you when you come to hand over the documents.
If you have a passport, not used to the end, then attach it. The old passport when issuing the new cancelled. If you want to keep your old passport with the visa rich history (it is useful to apply for a visa in some States), then you need to write a statement about it. The form will be given to the migration office.
You will need the paid receipt of the registration fee. In accordance with the new laws, it can not be presented, but in fact, in OFMS usually ask.
In the presence of a military ID you need to make a copy of it. If the military doesn't have a ticket, then you need to get help in the military that soon you will not be drafted into the army.
If you have employment history, then make a photocopy and attach to the documents.
Disabled students should obtain the signature of the Dean of their University.
Retirees should bring the work book. The questionnaire in this case never is certified and signed by the employee of the FMS.